What Reviewers are Saying About Yay for Big Brothers!

Kirkus Reviews - August 2021

An animal book focusing on big brothers offers reflection questions for older siblings to ponder. A human big brother and his younger sibling, both presenting White, leaf through a book (readers will note it is the book they are holding) to learn about big brothers of other species. Several animals, including naked mole rats, hoary marmots, and beavers, are presented in successive double-page spreads. One to three sentences of information appear on verso, with one question for readers on recto...The predictable rhythm and simple visuals are soothing and allow for focus on the discussion questions posed in each spread.

For the Love of Books, Old and New - October 2021

With simple descriptions of the interactions of the big brothers with their younger siblings, like carrying them or showing them tasty foods, it engages kids immediately...The art is realistic and soft, it’s reminiscent of classic picture books with especially high appeal to fans of Jan Pfloog...This would be great both for a story time read aloud or a lesson supplement. Best for pre-k through 3rd, but is enjoyable for anyone who reads picture books. The backmatter taught me new things and I’m an adult.

Kristi's Book Nook - October 2021

This colorfully illustrated guide to sibling’s human and animal is a great read for beginners or any child who loves animals. Parents and teachers can use this as a tool to get kids engaged and sharing what they do with their siblings. The back pages share a glossary, and section for Creative Minds which offers fun facts and so much more.

Unpacking the Power of Picture Books - October 2021

n this interactive text, Halfmann writes approachable and informative examples of animal families in which sibling behaviors have been observed, ones that mirror ways human big brothers (or sisters!) might act...The bonus in this approach is the likelihood that this will spark enthusiastic curiosity about familiar and unusual animals, sending kids to the back matter and beyond to investigate. I can imagine them noticing and more closely observing animals in the wide world of nature.