What Reviewers are Saying About What's the Weather: A What, Why, or Where Book

School Librry Journal - August 2020

Informative weather facts are featured in this book, which covers seasons, precipitation, and clouds. The text also briefly explains severe weather. Questions throughout keep readers and listeners thinking about their own experiences with the weather. The photographs work well for the intended audience. A four-page section with suggested activities, teaching tools, and a short quiz is included, but the title lacks a table of contents, a glossary, and an index.
.–Kristin Unruh, Siersma Elem. Sch., Warren, MI

Kirkus Reviews - May 2020

A strong participatory element dominates, as young readers are encouraged to consult the pictures or their personal environments to consider such prompts as, “Describe what you see in the sky around you.” The book also applies discussions to daily life through questions referencing the different kinds of activities and clothes appropriate for different weather. Such are distinguishable from the descriptive text only through italicization, blurring the distinction. Stock photographs featuring children of multiple racial presentations dominate the pages, providing strong visual representations of discussed topics but likely garnering little investment from readers.

Midwest Book Review - October 2020

By asking simple questions (and providing the basic information required to answer them), with "What's the Weather?: A What, Why, or Where Book" from the editorial staff of Arbordale Publishing children ages 4-8 can become entertainingly and informationally engaged and can start to observe and make correlations about the weather around them -- all so they will understand how the weather impacts their lives. While especially appropriate and unreservedly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book science collections...

San Francisco Book Review - October 2020

It is great to have a well-written, well-researched non-fiction book that is also filled with beautiful photographs and text that is succinct, yet written at a level for youngsters to listen to or read on their own (for emerging readers). This book will not only teach without being didactic but will engage youngsters with the combination of that text with bright, colorful photos that accompany and support the text. The book asks questions as readers go through which will help the adult reading or helping emerging readers to engage youngsters in critical thinking.

So Cal City Kids - November 2020

What’s the Weather? is a great book to teach young children about the weather. We know that weather changes daily. Sometimes it can even change from one moment to another-like a sudden storm. Learning about weather and how to dress and prepare for it is an important skill to learn. I recommend for ages 3-7.

Archimedes Notebook - January 2021

Each spread shows some aspect of weather and season, and poses a question to explore. From clouds to precipitation to severe weather, this book introduces young children to what’s happening in the atmosphere outside. Back matter includes tips for making weather observations, a cloud identification chart, and the difference between weather and climate.

Reviews by Rachel - January 2021

Inside you will find full color photographs that show all sorts of weather, ways to measure it and even how to deal with it’s extremes. Readers will learn about clouds, wind, precipitation and other aspects of weather. I love that there are questions throughout the book that get readers thinking.

All About the Books with Janet Squires - December 2020

Multiple high-quality photographs on each page create opportunities for conversations and encourage children to employ observational skills. Building on those observations and conversations then enables readers to understand ways in which weather impacts their lives on a daily and seasonal basis and relate it to the world around them...Younger readers will enjoy the strong visual impact of the images and benefit from reading with an adult or older sibling. Experienced readers will find the text engaging and will discover more information in the final section titled For Creative Minds.

Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Books and Young Adult Literature - December 2020

This book provides a brief introduction to different aspects of weather with a few sentences of explanatory text on the left-hand page, and a question or two for the reader to consider on the right-hand page. This encourages personal application of the concepts covered. Crisp, beautiful photographs fill in around the text, providing visual reinforcement.