Saving Kate's Flowers

Dorothy Campbell, FGC NY State Master Horticulture Judge

‘Saving Kate’s Flowers’ by Cindy Sommer’ , illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein is a charming story of young bunny Kate’s ambitious venture to save the garden flowers from dying in the winter cold. Kate and her mom come up with a creative solution that enriches and pleases the bunny’s neighbors in this beautifully illustrated story accompanied by helpful botanical aids for young readers and gardeners.

Midwest Book Review - October 2016

Following STEAM learning models, "Saving Kate's Flowers" presents the ever fresh tale of a child's wish to save some flowers during the coming winter. With bunny gardener characters Mom and Kate (reminiscent of Beatrix Potter), children read the story of digging and potting annual flowers who bloom only once, to winter inside the house. In all Mom and Kate decided to save some impatiens, some geraniums, some snapdragons, and one goldenrod. However, while Mom was distracted by a phone call, Kate decided to keep on saving plants. To her Mom's surprise, she filled up the house with potted plants and flowers to keep them from dying. But when Dad bunny came home, Ah-choo! His allergies reacted to too many saved flowers in pots in the house. Gradually Mom and Kate came up with a solution for all the excess saved plants. They would share the excess flowers with their friends in the neighborhood. Charming illustrations of Kate and Mom bunny delivering flowers to a frog, a cat, birds, a pug, a bat, a turtle, a mole and a squirrel inspire thoughts of winter blooms shared with friends. At the end, pages For Creative Minds list plant parts, and information about the life cycle of plants, potting flowers, and flower identification. "Saving Kate's Flowers" is a gentle, touching story about the gift of blooms and ongoing life in the garden in the eyes of a child.

Children's Literature

Sommers debut book is a wonderful way to get children interested and involved in gardening and is chock full of information and creative ideas for the young gardener in any family. Children can learn the parts of a plant, as well as its life cycle, how to pot flowers, and even how to identify different varieties of flowers. Theres even more for readers at the publishers website. Kleins pastel and charming illustrations have a welcome old storybook quality, especially with her use of animals as characters. (Think Beatrix Potter.) Readers will enjoy looking for one character Klein has included in on all but a few pages. Reviewer: Linda Sweitzer

Horn Book Guide

To save her flowers from winter cold, young rabbit Kate digs up annuals to take inside. In her enthusiasm, she pots too many, but she finds a solution: give the extras to neighbor animals (though some of their homes don't look especially cold-proof). The flower-filled pages are inviting, and Kate may inspire readers to rescue their own flowers. Four pages of facts and activities appended.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - December 2016

After reading Saving Katie’s Flowers, we went out and saved seeds from her marigold flowers to replant in the spring. Our Caty also brought in various plants from our patio to our living room, so that we could continue to enjoy them and save them from the frost. She did learn though that we could not save all of our garden plants, but could save our herbs and brought those into the kitchen. It was great fun and a great learning experience.

Outnumbered 3 to 1 - September 2016

Saving Kate’s Flowers by Cindy Sommer and illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein is a sweet story about a bunny named Kate that wants to save all the flowers from dying in the winter. Her mom shows her how to scoop them into a pot and before Kate knows it she has way too many! She goes about finding the new potted flowers homes for winter. A cute story about the life cycle of plants and how to pot flowers. After reading this book my girls want their own personal flower garden in their room!

Heck of a Bunch - September 2016

You can't help but love the adorable bunny, Kate, in Saving Kate's Flowers. She is determined to save all the flowers from the upcoming cold weather. Her mom agrees to let her bring a few inside. Kate goes all out and gathers as many as she can. When her dad comes home, Kate is disheartened to learn that her father is allergic to flowers. To remedy the situation, she gives the flowers to neighbors and friends to enjoy. It's a sweet book that shows kindness and helps kids learn the names of some flowers.

Goodreads Reviews - September 2016

I recommend this book for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers. Written by Cindy Sommer, it is charmingly illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein. In addition to the story, there are four pages of learning activities revolving around plants and flowers.

I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway. As soon as it arrived my kids wanted me to read it to them. The story was great, the pictures are charming and I liked the fact that it gives additional information about plants in the back. I'm sure it will get read again and again.

CLEAR Reviews - February 2017

The book is successful in its messages and will be especially useful for introducing plant concepts to science classes of first to third graders.

Plant Talk: Inside the New York Botanical Garden

Young readers will enjoy Kate’s attempt to save her flowers as it provides a fun and easy introduction to seasonal gardening.

We Review Picture Books - May 2021

This picture book was a pleasure to read. The illustrations are beautiful and eye - catching. Readers will learn a lot about plants and will appreciate the thought and efforts that went in to saving Kate’s flowers.