What Reviewers are Saying About Renewable or Nonrenewable Resources: A Compare and Contrast Book

Booklist - September 2021

Renewable or Nonrenewable Resources discusses the difference between resources that are easy to make and can be replaced within a person’s lifetime and those that take much longer to renew; in addition to comparing these two types of energy sources, the text explores how renewable resources can become nonrenewable and what happens when energy sources run out...A solid interactive series for larger collections.

Kirkus Reviews - August 2021

...“resources”—including fish, deer, farm animals, and trees along with the solar, water, geothermal, and wind quartet and fossil fuels—are first distinguished as renewable or not by the arbitrary criterion of whether they can replace themselves within a human lifetime...The cogent if narrow-minded notion that through mismanagement or habitat destruction renewable “resources” (specifically fish, trees, and fresh water) can become at least locally nonrenewable does get a glance, and so does the elemental message that even renewable resources require conservation. Also, though the closing bibliography is directed at middle schoolers and up, the endmatter includes quizzes and discussion topics for younger students.