The Lucky Litter: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire

NSTA Recommends - November 2015

"This book will engage students, tapping into an emotional connection with adorable pups, while weaving in new vocabulary and a desire to further explore the lives of these wild creatures and the place they call home. The story is simple enough for a kindergartner to understand and the extension activities at the end will expand the knowledge of older elementary students. I believe it would be a great addition to any elementary classroom library."

Kirkus Reviews - July 2015

"Readers are given delightful close-up views of the precious creatures with their lifesavers-first the firefighters who discovered them, orphaned and cowering, and then their doting, round-the-clock caregivers at the zoo. Children will learn much about wolf behavior and growth from the serviceable text and will enjoy the plentiful photos depicting the pups' playfulness, steady growth, and newfound confidence. Young readers will be heartened to learn that, eventually, when they were mature, strong, and healthy enough, the wolves were relocated-all together-to the Minnesota Zoo. This is a charming tale full of child appeal for young readers who love true animal stories. The large font, bold type, and short but informative sentences make for easy, comfortable reading."

"A sweet read-aloud and useful resource for classroom animal studies, especially regarding endangered habitats."

Children's Literature

...The informative and engaging text, accompanied by wonderful, color photographs, makes this account come alive. Youngsters learn how zoo employees gave the pups medical attention and raised the pups. Eventually they were moved outside into a pen not far form another adult wolf pack. As they grew older, they developed individual traits. X-Ray and Gannett evolved into leaders of the pack. Later they were transferred to what became their new home, the Minnesota Zoo. Four pages of reproducible activities complete the book and more are available online. there is also a bibliography. Teachers and parents will find this a very useful too to help children learn about wolves and their place in the natural order.

School Library Connection

In this true story, a firefighter, dealing with the remains of a wildfire, discovers a litter of five wolf pups. They are flown to Alaska and cared for by zoo staff. They are soon old enough to be placed in an outdoor enclosure near adult wolves and the pups develop adult behaviors. They are transferred to the Minnesota Zoo, and placed together in a special wolf exhibit. The text is well-written and provides an engaging story. Special material includes a wildlife rescue sequencing activity, information on the growth of one of the pups, information on wolves as a keystone species, and information on wildfires. There are also activities online at the publisher's website. Full-color photographs accompany the text and make the book more appealing. The story, photos, and activities make this book a good choice for science units or for free reading.

Kids Book Buzz

"I really liked The Lucky Litter: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire. It was so neat that the book was full of photos from the pups while they were being rescued and cared for at the zoos. There is information at the back of the book, about wildlife rescue, wildfires, wolves and growing bodies. This helps teach more about the some things in the book. I found it interesting that the wolf pups grew into their own pack, with two becoming the pack leader, without having any adult wolves to teach them how. I think kids who like animals will love The Lucky Litter: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire."
-Jewel, Age 7

Outnumbered 3 to 1

"The Lucky Litter: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire is the true story of 5 helpless helpless pups pulled from that charred refuge and sent to the Alaska Zoo. With no wolf parents to help, zookeepers and vets made sure the babies grew into a healthy, happy pack. Finally they become big and strong enough to move into their forever home at the Minnesota Zoo. A book with great photographs and a great story to go along with it."

Heck of a Bunch - September 2015

"Wolves are one of my favorite creatures. I think they're a beautiful, majestic species. The Lucky Litter: Wolf Pups Rescued from Wildfire tells the true story of five wolf pups who were discovered during a wildfire. They were rescued by firefighters and taken to an animal hospital. After they were fully recovered, the wolves were placed in a zoo. This short story details each step with authentic photos.

The "For Creative Minds" section in the back of the book teaches children matter on the subjects of wildlife rescue sequencing and growing animal bodies. It also teaches about wildfire and how they start. More interesting material explained is the explanation of keystone species and how wolves play an important part in the ecosystem."

Sally's Bookshelf - December 2015

The pups were covered in dirt, prickly with porcupine quills, and in desperate need of food and water. So medics used syringes to give each pup a drink, then flew them to the Alaska Zoo. This story follows the keepers who fed and cleaned the pups, played games with them, and helped each one find his or her place in the pack. Back matter highlights the importance of wolves as a keystone species (animals that help hold an ecosystem in balance). There's also information on wildfires and some activities related to the book.

Midwest Book Review - January 2016

Excellent color photo portraits of the baby wolf cubs trace their rescue and restoration to health and growth in this fascinating animal rescue narrative. A section For Creative Minds offers additional learning material and exercises for young readers, including a section on wolves as a keystone species, and ways to help prevent unwanted wildfires.

Puget Sound Council for the the Review of Children's Media

"After a forest fire in Alaska, a firefighter found a den of abandoned and injured wolf pups. This is their story as they were rescued, cared for, and eventually found a home at the Minnesota Zoo. The five cubs are, of course, adorable, and the photographs that accompany the clear and uncomplicated text reflect that. The appendix includes further information on wildlife rescue, growth, wolves as a keystone species, and wildfires.This is an informative and interesting book that would be a welcome addition to school collections."

Chat with Vera - June 2016

The story is multi-leveled in that the reader can learn about wolves, about the eco system, about rescuing endangered wildlife, and about the proper care of wild animals. It is suitable for kindergarten and older based on the way the material in the book is presented to the child and utilized by the parent, child, or educator.

Bookloons - September 2016

Just three weeks old, five wolf pups were rescued by firefighters in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska during a major forest fire. This paperback filled with color photos follows the pups' lives as they were cared for at the Alaska Zoo. Once they had developed into healthy, young wolves weighing between 12 and 15 pounds, they were transferred to the Minnesota Zoo where they will spend their adult lives. Besides having a close-up view of the wolf pups growing into young adults, this book also offers material about wildlife rescue sequencing, how young wolves mature, keystone species and wildfires. An excellent addition to any home or school library, this book will pique a child's curiosity about not only wolves but also how rescued animals are cared for when separated from their mothers.