The Long and Short Tail of Colo and Ruff

Kirkus - December 2018

Lang’s nature tale definitely exists to teach, but young animal lovers will enjoy its quick progression. Klein’s realistic, detailed colored-pencil illustrations are a bit washed out but a good accompaniment nonetheless; some hide pictographs on the rocks that predict the story to come. Nearly every double-page spread has one or two facts, marked by a paw print and set in a smaller font, that relate to the action of the story. Backmatter includes species comparisons, a quiz, a tail-matching activity, and information about tail adaptations as well as internet links and sources. A fine addition to science and nature collections.

Midwest Book Review - June 2019

"The Long and Short Tail of Colo and Ruff" is a fiction work about a young cougar and a young bobcat who become friends. The young friends notice the difference in the length of their tails. Colo's long tail and powerful hindquarters enables her to make long jumps. On the other hand, Ruff's short tail and stubby body are built for quickness, agility, and moving fast through rocks and obstacles. Colo and Ruff have a fun playtime searching for another tail for Ruff. They experiment with the idea of a hawk's feather tail, a lizard's tail, and even a skunk's tail. Finally Ruff decides that there is nothing wrong with her tail, and that she is made just the way she should be. Both kittens return to their mothers and continue to grow and learn. Beautiful, realistic paintings of Colo and Ruff in their natural habitat are shown on all the pages of "The Long and Short Tail of Colo and Ruff". "The Long and Short Tail of Colo and Ruff" continues with four pages of supplementary information about North American cats, including sections For Creative Minds, Cat Comparisons, Cat Maps, Tail Adaptations, and Match the Tail pictures of animals and tails. "The Long and Short Tail of Colo and Ruff" is written for an audience of young readers age 3-7 years.

Mom Read It - February 2019

This fun story is nonfiction with fiction wrapping: great for preschoolers and kindergartners! Colo and Ruff are realistically illustrated, but with softer artwork, playing up the cute factor. They encounter lizards, hawks, skunks and gophers on their search for a new tail, and callout facts throughout provide information that’s perfect for pleasure reading or an animal report.

Heck of a Bunch - April 2019

Along with the playful tale of two cubs are facts about animals on each page. For instance, kids will learn that birds can adjust their tail feathers to the shape they need for fast flight, making turns, or landing. The 'For Creative Minds' section after the story further educates and entertains. There's maps that show the four types of wildcats in North America. There's a Cat Comparison chart of the cougar, bobcat, and house cat. Additionally, there's information on Tail Adaptations and a Match the Tail matching game.

Reviews by Rachel - April 2019

Colo is a cougar and her friend Ruff is a bobcat. Each one has a different type of tail. Colo’s is long and Ruff’s is short. Readers will learn the differences between the tails of these two members of the cat family. In this tale of tails we spend the day with Colo and Ruff as they try to find Ruff a longer tail. Along the way they learn why each animal they see, has the kind of tail that they do. Will they find a better tail for Rolo? Included is a 39 page cross curricular teaching activity guide available online that goes along with the book. Spanish translation available.

M. G.Paregian - May 2019

"Colo raced off, jumping from rock to rock as gusts of air pushed the feather this way and that." And so starts the adventures of Colo in this fascinating and absorbing story for children. The reader learns how cougars use their long tails for balance and steering as they run and take big leaps. the story continues as Colo has an encounter with a skunk and a gopher. Children are certain to enjoy the adventures of Colo and Ruff. Cat Maps and Tail Adaptations are included in the back of the book.