Little Gray's Great Migration

"Little Gray's Great Migration is the perfect story to inspire, entertain and educate young readers and budding scientists alike."
-Jennifer Ward, author of "I Love Dirt! 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature"

Library Media connection – May 2015

"This is the story of Little Gray, a whale calf who must follow his mother from the small lagoon to the larger sea. At first, Little Gray resists leaving his familiar home, but he soon acclimates to the sea and the riches it provides. Illustrations of the whales greeting people alongside them, breaching, and swimming past seals will enchant children. The science content has been fact checked by a marine scientist, Sarah Allen, of the National Park Service. The end pages, slightly more difficult to read, contain a Gray Whale migration map, a page on whale food, and a page that covers whale surfacing terms. There is also a list of fun facts."
-Teresa Pfeifer, Librarian, The Springfield Renaissance School, Springfield, Massachusetts [Editor’s Note: Available in e-book format and paperback.] RECOMMENDED

Kirkus Reviews - July 2014

"Little Gray, a whale calf, doesn’t want to leave his lagoon, but he soon realizes why he must make the long journey north.

Little Gray loves showing off for people. He blasts bubbles out of his blowhole, slaps the water with his flukes and, for a grand finale, jumps as high as he can. Everyone claps and takes pictures. So when Mama tells him they must leave the lagoon and swim to a “special sea that’s filled with food,” he does not understand why they have to go. The ocean is cold and dark; they travel for a long time. Lindsey weaves whale facts into the journey, describing the sounds they use to communicate and various food sources. When Little Gray sees how weak and thin Mama is getting, he finally understands why they must reach their summer feeding grounds. Gabriel’s polarized palette of light blue sky and white, frothy foam for the surface contrasts starkly against the dark, shadowy depths of the ocean floor. This voyage may not have an adventurous spirit or an element of predatory danger, but it certainly shows how long the whales’ monumental migration can be. Five pages of backmatter include additional information, a map and a bibliography.

A suitable glimpse at a mammal that’s likely to be overlooked in migration lessons."

Midwest Book Review - April 2015

Three excellent Arbordale picturebooks use storytelling (or poetry) to teach children about amazing animals and the natural world...Little Gray's Great Migration is a story about the long journey to the sea that a little whale and its mother must undergo.

Ithaca Child Magazine - June 2015

"Little Gray loves the lagoon where he lives. People come out on boats to visit him and rub his head and take photos. But in one morning mama says it's time to swim to another sea where Little Gray will grow up. They set off on a long journey, a migration to winter feeding grounds where food is plentiful. While the story is fiction, the information is factual and back matter provides an in-depth look at different aspects of whale behavior. There are pictures of different ways that whales surface, gray whale facts, a migration map (for humans; whales don't need one), and a section on whale food such as crustaceans, mollusks and krill."

Heck of a Bunch - March 2015

"Young children are invited to go on an adventure with Little Gray, a baleen whale, in Little Gray's Great Migration. Little Gray is used to performing and receiving applause from people in boats. One day the whale's mother informs him that they must take a journey. Little Gray is sad and doesn't want to leave what he knows behind. The whale encounters some realizations and obstacles along the way but when it reaches the sea, Little Gray becomes happy once again. The "For Creative Minds" section in the back of the book schools children on whale surfacing behavior, gray whale fun facts and whale food, and a migration map."

Outnumbered 3 to 1 - March 2015

"This is a beautifully illustrated story of a young whale and the long journey he must take because his mom makes him. He soon learns that it is important to keep moving so that his mom can survive. The circle of life is always a great topic of conversation as it really is all around us."

Reader's Haven Reviews - April 2015

"People are fascinated by whales and according to the author's story-line in Little Gray's Great Migration, Gray Whales are also fascinated by people - so much so that they relish entertaining people and receiving their applause."

Penny Reviews - May 2015

"Marta Lindsey’s new picture book, “Little Gray’s Great Migration,” illustrated by Andrea Gabriel, is a sweet look into a young gray whale calf’s first migration...The artwork by Ms. Gabriel shows the playful personality of Little Gray as he cavorts on top of the water—showing off for the people out boating. Her illustrations also shows life under the sea for Little Gray and his mother as they face a long, exhausting journey to the Arctic feeding grounds."

So Cal City Kids - May 2015

"A wonderful story for children in grades K-4. I love how children can learn about the Gray Whale's migration. The For Creative Minds section includes: Whale Surfacing, Migration Map and Whale Food."

Bookloons - July 2015

Young readers will enjoy not only the art that illustrates the whales' migration but also the information the text contains about gray whales. There are also four pages of learning activities that will provide more material about gray whales and their habits. This would be an excellent resource for young readers who are studying marine creatures or whales. And if you are planning a whale watching adventure, you'll want to read this book with your child first.