What Reviewers are Saying About I am Hatzegopteryx

kirkus Reviews - August 2021

Accompanying Bradley’s mostly monosyllabic narrative, which begins with “I can hatch” and proceeds from there, his speculative paleo-portraits go for the gusto. They track an outsized predator with an even more outsized crest decked out in dazzling black and orange as it swoops over a rocky coastline or stilts its way through swamp and woodland to snatch up prey and (bloodlessly) gobble it down. Even a pair of velociraptors in one scene look justly cowed, and, particularly after a melodramatic view looking down at a hapless airborne lizard about to vanish into a wide-open maw, readers may greet the final “I am extinct” with a sigh of relief...It’s a bit thin in the particulars, but no one’s going to look at the art just once.