Cheetah Dreams

Kirkus Reviews - June 2018

Incorporating two different writing styles in each double-page spread, Stanek aims to appeal to young readers’ emotions and intellect...This hybrid of poetic text with factual sidebars adequately serves its purpose as a way to interest early grade schoolers in the plight of one endangered species.

Midwest Book Review - December 2018

"Cheetah Dreams" is a fabulous example of teaming up moving, descriptive poetic narrative, lifelike paintings of cheetahs in action in natural habitats, and highly informative sidebars. The result is a first class documentation of the presently endangered cheetahs, the most rapidly vanishing cat in Africa. The natural rhythmic poetry of "Cheetah Dreams" inspires young readers to imagine ways to support the remaining cheetahs in a changing world with an increasing human population. Like all Arbordale Publications, special sections such as For Creative Minds continue to encourage learning with information on cheetahs and their big cat cousins, cheetah conservation, cheetah adaptation, and purr or roar. The best part of "Cheetah Dreams" is that both the author and the illustrator partnered with zoos and schools to experience and observe live cheetahs for additional inspiration. "Cheetah Dreams" is suitable for readers ages 4-9 and up.

Karin Schwartz, Cheetah Expert - January 2019

Cheetah Dreams offers lilting prose and beautiful illustrations to bring alive the world of the cheetah, from the amazing adaptations for their daily lives to hunt and care for young, to the challenges of surviving in an environment increasingly overtaken by humans. This captivating book, written to target a young audience from ages 8 to 11, offers an enriching visual experience that will draw in the attention of even younger children as the pages turn to reveal the cheetah’s natural history and the conservation issues that are being faced. Each set of pages is divided into two panels with the left panel colorfully depicting one aspect of the cheetah’s life and the right panel offering a more detailed description. The gorgeous illustrations are almost photographic in detail with the animals set in a panoramic view of their natural habitat. For each set of pages, the panels are separated by a column illustrated with a unique artistic pattern reflecting the African theme of the book. There is an educational section at the end that compares cheetahs to other big cats, outlines the conservation issues, and illustrates the adaptations that allow the cheetah to survive in its challenging environment. The authors allow the educational section to be copied for personal or classroom use. The overall theme of dreams about the cheetah as they go about their daily lives delivers a message of hope for the future of this endangered species.

Outnumbered 3 to 1 - October 2018

Cheetah Dreams gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a cheetah. We learn a lot about them including the fact they hunt during the day and their cubs stay with them for two years. They are a fascinating animal and one way to help them out is to spread the word about the importance of cheetahs and how they are the most rapidly vanishing cat in Africa. A perfect book for getting children interested in conservation.

Heck of a Bunch - October 2018

A story within a story, Cheetah Dreams tells of the majestic cats the book is titled for. The left side of the pages contain a poetic prose about cheetahs being able to do what nature intended, without the fear of extinction. The right side pages of the book details the lifestyle of cheetahs, how they behave, and what is causing them to be endangered. For instance, readers will learn that cheetahs are better at running than fighting and they have excellent hearing.

Teachers, Librarians, and Readers from Goodreads

While an unnamed first-person narrator dreams of a secure future for this endangered species, sidebars offer interesting facts about cheetahs. Knowing more about these swift cats and how their future is less than certain will result in a deeper appreciation for them as well as determination to take action to help them. The author is careful to address the conflict between the cheetah's need for territory and the constant encroachment of farmers and farmland. Young cheetahs don't have a good survival rate, and even once they are adults, they may struggle to find mates due to fragmented territory. The illustrations in this book are soft and have a dreamy quality that complements the text perfectly. Additionally, there are four activity pages at the end of the book that encourage youngsters to learn more about cheetahs while also applying what they learned from their reading. The map of Africa showing the extent of their terrain is evidence of just far their range has diminished.

Reviews by Rachel - November 2018

Love that this book is not only written to educate but also to entertain. There is a lovely poem about Cheetah Dreams that is told as well. So beautifully illustrated that many of the pictures look like photographs.

Oregon Coast Youth Preview Center

Linda Stanek introduces conservation while highlighting the grace and beauty of cheetahs. The story is written in two styles dancing between the rhythm of poetry and informational text. Vivid illustrations capture the motion, beauty, and power of cheetahs. This book will be a good addition to any library read aloud lesson on life science, conservation, and citizen science.

SWON Libraries Book Review

Love the layout when compared to other animal books. Poetic and informational, love it!