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What makes an Arbordale book so special? Through award-winning stories and a For Creative Minds section, children have the opportunity to play and learn. Our books inspire inquisitive minds to explore, question and build a knowledge base of science and math skills.

"I think you guys have some of the best nature books I have ever seen and I have been in the book business for 35 years. Arbordale does great work."
-Kathleen Smith, Jefferson National Parks Association

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The Arbordale Collection

Beginning with a single turtle, our collection of books has grown to include animals, people and places from across the globe. Each book has a distinct personality and while they have all been aligned for reading levels and to the educational standards they are first and foremost a wonderful story. To see the entire collection and learn more about our Spanish options click below.

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Fun eReader
eBooks for Everyone

The Fun eReader® not only has the entire Arbordale collection of books available but it also allows readers to choose their device. With the eReader subscription readers can listen, switch languages and complete the activities on a computer or a tablet. This also lets multiple devices access books simultaneously. Intrigued, Get more information about Fun eReader®.

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Tailored Just for You

Get the most out of your books! Parents visit our parent’s and children’s page for fun home activities and other programs. For educators, each book is standards aligned, and includes a wealth of free teaching activities click here to get an overview of how we fit into a classroom setting. Are you using Arbordale books in your libraries? The librarian’s page has story time activities and classification information.

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